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Legal Advisors for Daily Operations

We provide General Counsel legal service at a fraction of the cost. 

In-house counsel is a necessary position in any successful company that wants to make informed decisions, but it is expensive to hire a C or VP level General Counsel with starting salaries averaging $210,000 per year.


We believe we have found a creative, forward thinking approach that gives our clients the benefits of having in house counsel on their team, at a fraction of the cost and commitment that comes with hiring a full time executive. 

What We Do


Contract Language Negotiation

Founders, sales people, and clients tend to negotiate deal points and are comfortable with, "the standard language" for certain contracts. We understand that deal points are the foundation of each contract, but the legal language is where disputes come back to ruin your plans. 

We will negotiate language with the other side from the perspective of protecting you while also understanding the importance of the deal's success.


Employment Liability Review

This offering covers a wide berth of possible services such as reviewing your existing employment documents, or determining whether an employee's action is severe enough to bypass your internal procedures. Do you have procedures in place and published to protect your company as much as possible from wrongful termination claims?

We help you with all of this and those events that cause you and your leadership team to sit down together and say, "what the f*ck are we supposed to do with this?" 


Contract Drafting and Review

Invoke legal will draft custom contracts as necessary to ensure you are covered even if you have not seen a contract for a specific interaction. 

Because of nature of our subscription service, it is also our intent to be on hand for those one-off questions. For example, we are comfortable giving a decision maker an explanation of the language in a single paragraph of a contract should that person be comfortable with the rest of the document. 


Initial Discovery

We will come to you for a face to face meeting with your decision makers, your leadership teams, and your frontline employees. This is a full-day integration to meet with your company and learn its personality, while listening to concerns from all levels. 

We will then determine what concerns could have potential legal implications and review those areas further during our time with you. This initial discovery is a time to get to know who you are as well as provide some valuable legal triage to your operations. 


Post Discovery

After discovery is complete, we will finalize the review of; any documents that we identified as possibly problematic, any recent actions taken that were of concern to your leadership, and any areas we determined may need additional scrutiny by your leadership. 

We will then provide your company with a Legal Viability Summary outlining responses to your concerns raised as well as any areas of risk along with potential solutions for lessening those risks. 


Subscription Representation

Invoke legal provides it's services on a monthly subscription model so that you are encouraged to use your hours every month for leadership meetings, one off questions, ongoing contract negotiations, management concerns, etc. 

We believe this is crucial to becoming and integral part of your business, right up until the day you are so large that you need to hire in house counsel full time and the cost is nothing compared to the success you have had with us on your team. 

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