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  • How long will it take you to decide if you are going to represent me?
    We will make a decision regarding representation within two business days.
  • Will there be numerous attorneys assigned to us, we don't want to waste time re-explaining things because we're budget-conscious.
    Our model is built around providing an in-house attorney experience for a fraction of the cost, therefore, as long as an attorney is with our firm, that attorney will be the primary attorney handling your account. There may be times when other attorneys complete certain aspects of the work or join the team for a tight deadline on an issue, but the lead attorney assigned to you will remain the same.
  • What happens in the consult? Do I have to know what to say?
    Consults are the time to ask questions, both by us and by you. If you have a specific issue that you would like highlighted, please bring that to the consult. We will not be able to give you a direct answer in 15 minutes, but if we engage with you, it will give us a bit of runway to determine points of focus at the initial discovery.
  • We understand that some things we've done aren't ideal but they are already done, can you still help?
    Of course we can help. This does not mean we can undue actions already taken by you, but we can advise on courses of action to help mitigate an fallout or pivot your policies to correct the issue moving forward.
  • Is email the only way we can communicate with a lawyer at your firm?
    No! We offer several forms of communication, the primary of which is Slack for daily communication between you and your counsel. That way if we do need to add more attorneys to a matter we can add them to the channel to get caught up, and remove them when the project is done to keep the communication clear.
  • How many months do I have to sign up for in a subscription model?
    The subscription model is month-to-month with no minimum. Two months will be included with your initial discovery package and will continue on a monthly basis until canceled. If canceled, coming back on board will include another initial discovery to begin representation again.
  • Is the cost fixed depending on what I ask for or do you work hourly only?
    The monthly cost is fixed and includes up to a certain number of hours to be used by you prior to the end of each month. If you need specific services that are clearly going to blow away your hours, we have fixed pricing and we have hourly billing for specific items.
  • Do I have to pay a retainer to work with you after the consult?
    The initial consult is to discuss your issue and determine whether you can be helped by us. Not every consult will result in a contract and we understand that you may not be a good fit for us. We also may not be a good fit for you. Therefore, there will be no traditional retainer. What we will do instead, is determine whether an initial discovery can be scheduled and we will discuss payment of that cost and scheduling after a successful consult.
  • How do we cancel? Can we?
    Cancelation is spelled out in the Engagement contract and can be done at any time according to the terms agreed therein. It is not complicated, and is only restricted by timing so that we and you can have notice of the end of any legal relationship.
  • Do I even need an attorney for this? I'm intelligent and have my own business.
    Maybe you don't need an attorney, but people who spend their entire career interacting with the law have an expertise that takes years to get to regardless of how smart someone is.
  • Are the documents we send safe? How do you manage data privacy?
    As a firm we use the Egnyte platform to store our files. They have one of the highest levels of encryption in the market today and they are an amazing partner. We also use them because they provide features that allow uploads or downloads to you directly from our secure file server.
  • A dude I know just told me something we are doing is illegal, what now?
    Even attorneys have that friend who tells them "they heard" something was illegal, so reach out and let's sit down and determine whether there is any validity to the statement, and if so determine what steps we can take together to ensure your business is in a good position to pivot or protect.
  • Do I have to know what to ask for when I talk to a lawyer?
    No, the benefit of talking to a lawyer is you can tell us the issue and we determine what questions to ask to get to the bottom of the legal risk to you. You are covered by privilege (the protection of our conversations) during consultation, so the one thing we always advise is just be honest about your situation. While an issue may seem like the end of the world for your business, it is pretty likely that someone else has messed up or taken that same action and we can determine a course correction with you to protect what you have built as much as possible.
  • When you say an attorney can come to our work meetings, will you talk or just listen & advise afterward?
    Our goals are to have an attorney in the room with you and act as part of your high level decision making team as well as an advisor to your company on daily operations and issues. Your preference is going to determine how vocal we are in your meetings, however, we will advise you because that is what we are in the room for. This means we will listen and also that we will make suggestions or draw attention to possible issues we see at the time, we will also make notes about any legal issues we think may exist and provide you with a short synopsis of issues identified, if any.
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